gargon! protractor please…

Saturdays find me at the local java hut (ah it’s a fine hangover). I’m hear for the couch, quiet and you can be excused for thinking the stereo. They have a little setup that includes a technics sl-bd35 (belt/automatic/t4-p cartridge-grado).

Swapping out a record one morning I noted that the gimbal at the back of the arm was 90 degrees to the arm tube yet the cartridge is offset 12 degrees.

Get up and go look at your turntable. What do you see? The gimbal isn’t 90 degrees but 12 degrees less (EG: 78 degrees) from the arm and the cartridge is also 12 degrees offset.

I won’t go into the math (math is hard) but I understand the 12 degrees is so the arch the arm sweeps through as it moves across the record is reduced (less azimuth rotation as seen from cartridge).

You need both ends, gimbal and cartridge to be offset not one. Otherwise as the arm moves vertically it will rotate left and right (bad).

And your very small point is? I’m getting to it…The technics doesn’t have this 12 gimbal offset (bad).

I’m wondered if any other technics tables have this “feature”..

The pic shows a sl-bd20 (courtesy of Compare the gimbal to yours. Discuss.

cafe system: akai cs-m01 cassette, harmon/kardon 330c receiver and pair of ar-ax4’s.

not the 90 degree gimbal...

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1 Response to gargon! protractor please…

  1. beltdrive says:

    ah..I am wrong here. It appears that cartridge offset is in the 20 to 22 deg range..going to look this up somemore. opps, my bad.

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