godzilla vs bambi

Rega apollo vs Sony 222esd (sacd/cd). I’ve connected the junkyard 222 again and now with a little time on my hands I’ll see about some compare and contrast. It won’t be perfect as I’m not going to swap interconnects to “double verify”. The rega will keep the cardas “fill in the blank” and the 222 will have audio quest cobras.

Briefly in the past I had a listen but I don’t recall what my conclusion was. Anyway it doesn’t mater as I was focused on SACD playback. I don’t know if they are directly comparable (as in sacd vs cd on the 222) the outputs could be different. Or for that matter everything going on from the disk to the plugs…

At this point it’s moot to discuss the validity of SACD. it’s just another format and we are down the file rabbit hole anyway. Keep your disks and start thinking of music servers.

On the plus side we have an endless assortment of stuff to argue about.. HD vs solid state drives, raid 5, jitter, wireless vs cat5/6 and on and on.

Battle bots begin your attack! lol.

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