Over heard in the car pool…(music servers with legs)

Over heard in the car pool last week.

Q: What are we listening too?

A: Bill Callahan (smog)…it’s nice to have music again in the car after my Ipod was stolen…

A number of years ago the transport of my cd player (British… insert joke about leaking bits here) crapped and was sent off. At the time I was whining to some friends about the lack of music. One suggested I build a music server,  I think he was using his apple g4 desktop for his music.

Let us count the ways this is a bad idea. We begin.

music server:

  • At this time you can either buy the music you already own on a some other format from (apple itunes, other firm “X”), Or rip from cd’s you already have. So, Money spent or lots of time (and you have sooo much time on your hands don’t you). Or you can import that s*** you call music (mp3, ac3 bla bla bla).
  • After spending the time and or money (see prior) you would want to protect that music. Ah you say itunes will allow me to re-download my library. Yes today they will, tomorrow they will want a $19 annual fee. If you don’t pay, no problem. One day you’ll want your music and you’ll pay the fee oh..and any other late fees and penalties they come up with. We use to call this extortion, now it’s called business. haha, Jokes on you.
  • Then you say..I don’t use iwhatever for backup. Ok congratulations. Your now your own personal IT department. What back up regime will you create? raid 1? raid 5? I’m not trying to be a pest. This is a real question. I have files on my desktop that i manually mirror to another internal hard drive specifically in case the primary fails. I don’t have the time or money for more automated backups. And hard drives will fail..

The upshot, I keep my cd’s and vinyl. You should too.

I do plan for a server one day. I’ll let the companies focus on quality. I wonder about backup and recovery.


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1 Response to Over heard in the car pool…(music servers with legs)

  1. ilbebe says:

    Seriously. I am on my second new laptop in the last two months, and considering the amount of time I spent ripping CDs into the one I lost three weeks after I got it drives me bonkers. Ten-fifteen hours would not be an inaccurate estimate. That’s like almost a whole freakin’ waking day. Indeed, hard copies will forever remain king for all the reasons you described. Well put.

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