your new cool iturd and traveling sound…

Sitting in a bar today some guy was playing some crap song on his I(DIAPER)pad.

Yeah hey! that’s so f***ing cool. No really!

Your crap device shouldn’t be inflicted on us just because you can. Your just another a**hole with too much money.

I can just as easily smash it in to rubble because..I can.

f-u, keep your crappy tech to yourself…


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1 Response to your new cool iturd and traveling sound…

  1. ilbebe says:

    That’s one of the more interesting aspects of iPad ownership I’ve observed on BART, in coffeeshops, etc.- that these people don’t seem to remember that their little tech treasure is FRAGILE. Like, hey asshole, the stupid amount of money you spent on that thing didn’t include a Goddamn force field around it, for the love of God, potential harm to your little baby is no reason to get all bent outta shape when the guy sitting next to you (me) suddenly sneezes. The sneeze probably ain’t gonna kill yr device, but…ooooh is that a recipe for a caramel ham glaze you’re looking at??? YAY!! Viva las iPad!

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