Sony ad’s

Sony. I thought these two ad’s were the half’s pages of each other but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
We’ll have to see if I have the other half’s.

Either way. enjoy. mgmt.

“unreliable belts”, marketing BS. Having personally owned three belt drive decks. I can’t recall any “unreliability” at all. Ever! they work until the belt slips and then you can easily hear it and replace. Total cost, less then $15 bucks. Done!

If your DD has some “issue” your in the shop for hundreds of $$, considering all the purpose build IC’s involved.


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2 Responses to Sony ad’s

  1. ilbebe says:

    The main element of my ongoing fascination with all of these ads is how much text and information (however biased) they contain. The only ads you see these days with that much text are for prescription drugs. To think, in the recent past, ad men regarded the average Joe capable of reading, and willing to…

  2. beltdrive says:

    Yeah, I think there was an expectation that “information” would somehow win over a client.
    Today it’s just pretty ad’s.

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