Focal on speaker placement

Focal speaker placement

Position of Hifi stereo speakers

Stereo speakers positioning choice

Hifi stereo configuration

The Focal hifi stereo loudspeakers have been engineered to deliver the most faithful sound reproduction, whether they are used for music or home cinema. In order to enhance their performance, to guarantee a high quality of listening,sound image and tone balance, it is important to note the following basic rules. The listening area must be located at the summit of an equilateral triangle whose two other points of insertion are determined by the position of each hifi stereo speaker. Nevertheless it is possible to modify these distances to find an ideal compromise according to the particular disposition of the room (fig. C).

Each hifi loudspeaker must be placed at the same height and on the same floor plan. The tweeter should be at the same height as the listener’s ear, when the listener is in their usual listening area (fig. D). Avoid placing the speakers too close to the room’s corners or walls. This will induce some unwanted room resonance and artificially increase bass response. On the contrary, if the bass level proves to be insufficient, it is possible to move the stereo speakers closer to the walls to adjust the bass level (fig. E).

Schema position des enceintes Hifi

Positionning your hifi stereo speakers

A few tips to resolve a problem

Hifi speaker behaviour depends on the acoustics of the listening space, correct positioning of the speakers in the latter and the position of the listener. It is possible to interact on these factors to correct or improve the desired effect.

Stereophonic perception is imprecise and badly-centred

Try bringing the speakers closer together and/or orientating them towards the listening point.

The sound is hard, aggressive

The acoustics of your space are probably overly reverberating. Use absorbent (mats, sofa, wall hangings, curtain…) and reflective (furniture) materials to absorb or relay resonance.

The sound is “flat”, muffled

Excess amount of absorbent materials in the room, the sound is blocked, without relief. Look for a better comprise between the absorbent and reflective materials of your interior. In general, you should attempt to ensure that the wall situated behind the hifi speakers is reflective in order for the sound to develop correctly. In contrast, the wall behind the listening zone should ideally be absorbent to prevent back reflections from “polluting” the perception of the stereophonic image. Furniture can be positioned carefully on the side walls to relay the sound waves, preventing the excitation of certain frequency ranges notably medium (suppression of “flutter echo”).

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