less is more…

I”m now officially done with multi-channel audio eg: surround sound.

I’ve been thinking on this for a time and have come to realize the following, er…and I couldn’t help a friend set up his crappy system.

  • I have yet to hear a realistic, relaxing (as appropriate), natural surround sound music/cinema experience in a real world home environment.
  • It begs the question that I even know what the above “realistic” experience would be.
  • The cost, complexity and difficulty setting up a multi-speaker system in a home  suggest compromises that render the entire exercise moot.
  • Lastly I find myself suggesting “sound bars” as a catchall solution given requests of “keep it cheap”, “I don’t want wires”, etc.

Aaaaand were done.

My interest, experience is strictly with 2 channel (stereo). I will continue my journey.

I am a connoisseur. I love music and audio, wishing to share (or inflict) it as I can.


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