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Marantz 77′ (aka SuperScope)

OK, that last paragraph doesn’t make sense. I call marketing BS! Mgmt. Update: The speakers look to be either HD 770 or 880’s. 4 way. I’m researching the x-overs. mgmt.

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Sony Combi 2

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Sony combi 1

Combis; better than mini’s and boom boxes but not a full receiver. I’m thinking of that old joke, “what wine goes with whale? red and white”. Har Har.. I don’t recall what these are called but they seem to be … Continue reading

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It’s hard to explain just how much of a crush I had on Infinity and Nakamichi. Over the top. I WANTED!!! anything they put out so bad. At some point I had all the Lit on every product they produced … Continue reading

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Dual (belt drive tables, 1237,1241,1245) I assume these are semi’s and fully auto. I note one has that interesting strobe, not 4 lines (33/45, 50/60 hz) but one line. Note the way the speed is varied by a pulley system. … Continue reading

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As a kid I was pilfering brochure cabinets at pacific stereo among others (ha! you remember that store. I was later told the sales people were coked..), and was taking a razor to my dads playboys and penthouses for the … Continue reading

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Sansui Xr-q7 turntable.

Coming soon… I’ll be scanning in a brochure of the Sansui Xr-q7 turntable. It uses a counter-rotating motor below the main direct drive. Here is a pic. enjoy. mgmt.

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