HI, so since i am the lazy type and can’t be bothered to figure out css or http stuff. We can have yet another blog. And there are soooo few of them too.

Why am i here? well this space is about music, audio gear and occasionally other random things.

The other reason is to work on my English/spelling/grammar. Well see how that goes.

The blog name come from conversations with a friend “R” on the merits of direct drive turntables vs belt. That i have a rega p3-24, I’m a belter but i’m not a flat earther about it. Enjoy.


2 Responses to About

  1. Nyquil says:

    Paul, buddy, come on. First of all, it’s “WE’LL see how that goes”, with an apostrophe! Also it should be “the blog name CAME from conversations with a friend…” not “come”……………….

    Aw just pulling your leg, man :P. My blog has hella grammatical errors and typos out the wazoo! BUT I’M HERE TO HELP, TOO.

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